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Baumalight Auxiliary Electrical Connection

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Auxiliary Electrical Connection
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Bauma Light
Single Application Single Skidsteers

Getting set up is extremely easy.
Once you have picked your attachment, let your dealer know you want the Baumalight Aux Electrical Connection, then let us know the make and model of your skidsteer and we’ll configure the connection for your individual skidsteer—for immediate plug and play operation.
Multiple Application Multiple Skidsteers

If you have multiple skidsteers of different makes and models, they may need different pin configurations. We have adapter plugs to solve the problem. Let us know at the time of ordering that you want one or more adapters along with the make and model they are for and we will configure them for you. Baumalight adapter plugs will let you enjoy the convenience of operating multiple attachments with multiple skidsteers.

Multiple Application Pin Tool

Every Baumalight Aux Electrical Connection ships with a blue pin tool. With this tool you can re-configure the Aux connection to another skidsteer pin configuration. This allows you to change your connection to match a new skidsteer model.

Multiple Application
Older Skidsteers

Is one of your skidsteers older, without an auxiliaryelectrical connection? We also have an in-cab adapter to plug into your Aux Electrical Connected attachments that will allow you to run them. Plug the adapter into the attachment, connect it to12V and now you can run your new attachment on an older skidsteer.
Multiple Application
Retro Fit

We can also retro fit your existing Baumalight attachments to work with the Aux Electrical Connection. Pricing varies depending on age and current set up, so call for details and we will walk you through the process.

Multiple Application

14 Pin Bobcat Connection

14-pin wire kit that runs down the machine arm.
To be ordered and installed through an authorized BobCat dealer