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Bauma Light CSC760

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CSC760 Skid-Steer Disk mulcher

The CSC760 Baumalight Brush Cutt is a heavy-duty skid steer mount rotary brush mulcher designed to efficiently destroy dense vegetation with large Skidsteers. Featuring a 1" thick steel rotor, the disk mulcher delivers the extra momentum to power through small trees and heavy brush. The extra bracing of a heavy-duty push bar is meant for aggressively tackling larger trees as well. It is equipped with an industry leading bent axis piston motor and bolted to a heavy duty bearing assembly. 700 series rotary disk models with carbit tipped fixed teeth that are meant for industrial land clearing and the biggest benefit of a disk mulcher is less moving parts then conventional drum type forestry heads. It is an ideal Brush Mulcher for rental.

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Bauma Light
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1" Thick Steel Rotor Disc

The massive 1 inch thick steel rotor is impressively rugged and will remain solid with no flexing to provide the CSC744 the extra momentum it needs to power through the thickest brush.

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Bent Axis Piston Motor

Our industry leading bent axis piston motors make the most use of your hydraulic flow and pressure for your brush clearing needs.

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Large Bearing Support

Carburized alloy steel shafts are standard measuring 2.95" in diameter at the bearings and weighing a substantial 104lbs. Built with high quality double-lip oil seals and using an ISO class external bearing locknut system. No belt to tighten or pulleys to adjust making for very low maintenance and using only one impressively well protected bearing for the entire machine.


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2" hardened weld-in holders on the bottom

Designed to handle the punishment, these heavy-duty teeth holders resist bending and keep you on the path of destruction longer.

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700 Series Ripper Teeth

Unique to the 700 Series teeth is the Cup and Cone mount, which is machined into the holder and forged into the teeth. Engineered to take all the strain off the mounting bolt and eliminating shearing forces, these carbide teeth are bolted in place.

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Option to change out for 700 series planer teeth

Baumalight gives you the option to change out the ripper teeth for the planer style for a sharper bite with a smoother cut, but these teeth are more vulnerable to damage from rocks. Ripper teeth handle rocks much better, so Planer teeth are only recommended for cutting applications where efficiency is more important than tooth life.

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Easy Tightening

Most teeth on the CSC744 can be tightened with an air impact drill. The bolt-on design allows for the simply servicing right in the field.

QC Generators outlets Stepped top mulching chamber

Avoids jamming by using a 3 stepped plate design. The area enlargers in the flow of direction so you can concentrate on the cut and not worry about bogging down.

QC Generators outlets Heavy Duty Frame

Heavy duty frame with T1 alloy tool steel sheet metal for all the main areas. Powder coated frame with multiple anti-slip pads to give you secure footing for ease of entry and exit from your cab.

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Hose support on greased pin

All hoses are sleeved for operator and hose protection. The Connecting hoses are sleeved and wrapped in hose armour for double protection and a pivoting arm with greasable pin keeps the slack out of the way, protecting the hoses from pinching and strain. Ships with double shielded hoses.

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Couplers must be ordered separately as we do not supply hydraulic couplers with product due to the variety carrier specifications.

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With extra bracing to help control the large brush material, the CSC 760 model will bend taller brush and destroy it. Bar can be removed for smaller skid steers.

QC Generators outlets Anti-Slip Strip

Extra traction from anti-slip strips provides improved safety as well as ease of entry and exit from the cab.

QC Generators outlets Pressure Guage

Large PSI pressure gauge for maintaining the optimal flow that gives you a clear indication of the most efficient Brush cutting performance.

QC Generators outlets DOUBLE CHAIN GUARD

Skidsteer undercarriage is protecting by a double chain guard to slow down flying debris


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Model No. CSC760
Available Motor Options C790
Recommended GPM Check Motor Options
Maximum Brush Size 10"
Discharge Protection Double chain on back
Path Width 72"
Cutting Width 60"
Low Cutting Height 1/2"
Number of Blades 30 pcs R7000
Attachment Type Universal Skid-Steer Plate
Maximum HP Check Flow & PSI on Skid Steer
Min Carrier Weight 7,000 lb
System Protection Built In Hydraulic
Dimensions (LxWxH) 88"x75"x67"
Deck Structure 1/4" T1 Steel
Unit Weight 2850 lbs.