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Bauma Light CXC550

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CXC550 Excavator Rotary Brush Cutter

Taking the rotary Brush Cutt mower to new heights is the 50” Industrial CXC550 model for mid-range excavators. Built to help you tackle the areas with limited access, the CXC550’s unique blade design attacks and cuts thick brush, reducing it to mulch. The reversible blades provide long performance before requiring sharpening or replacement. The tri-swing blades chop and mulch all the way to the ground, allowing operators to mulch whole trees. Giving bite to the blade is an industry-leading bent axis piston motor, making the best possible use of this rotary mower’s hydraulic flow and pressure.
We offer multiple motors to exact match your flow so be sure to checkout the motor options area of the page below to maximize your work as you clear land with your excavator.

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Bauma Light
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Three Cuts per Pass

As the rotating rotor mass throws the slasher blades at small diameter trees, the blade slices small sections away as the Brush Cutt advances forward. The leading tip takes a small bite and is immediately followed by the second tip taking another bite at 75–100 slashes per second with devastating results. The Brush Cutt’s reversible/replaceable blades are made of long lasting 1/2" AR 400 steel.

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Large Bearing Support

Carburized alloy steel shafts are standard measuring 2.95" in diameter at the bearings and weighing substantial 104lbs. Built with high quality double-lip oil seals and using an ISO class external bearing locknut system.

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Blade Mount

To secure slasher blades to the blade assembly, Baumalight uses Gr. 8 bolts capped off with castle nuts and cotter pins.

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3-Way Model

Designed for easy service, the 3-Way models feature a heavy duty rotor with 3 fixed extensions. Each extension is finished off with a slasher blade. This configuration is capable of providing 75–100 slashes per second.

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Deck Strength

Taking back your property can be a rough job. We designed and built the deck as a solid platform to take on the task. Built from rugged 1/4 inch steel and then further reinforced with support channels it’s a solid base of operations.

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Bent Axis Piston Motor

Our industry leading bent axis piston motors make the most efficient use of your hydraulic flow and pressure for your brush clearing needs.

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Using a 1" top plate and a 1" bottom plate this heavy-duty rotor sandwiches the three–way blade assembly in place.

QC Generators outlets Available on Pack Wing PTO Power Packs

All Excavator Brush Cutt models are available with Baumalight’s Pack Wing PTO power packs for more carrier versatility.