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Bauma Light S40

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High Performance Skid Steer Stump Grinder - S40

The S40 stump grinder is mounted with a bent axis piston motor. By matching a motor to your skid steers hydraulic flow these high efficiency motors make the most hydraulic power transforming it into the highest available stump grinding performance. Stocked with 20 carbide Wearsharp® Teeth the massive 1.25” thick steel rotor provides the back bone for the Skidsteer mounted stump grinder. The high number of teeth means that each tooth needs to do less work. Each tooth only needs to make a small cut, because the work is shared by more of these Wearsharp® Teeth, which last longer and typically only need 2 or 3 replaced at a time. The bolt-on designed teeth allow for straightforward replacement. The teeth can also be rotated up to 3 times to provide a renewed cutting surface even in the field.

The extra-large Blast shield is designed with dual rows of chain curtains to contain and control chips during grinding. The Blast shield is hinged to give the best protection and chip control throughout the grinding process. This hinge also allows the shield to be raised to get into tight areas and for easy access to the rotor and teeth.

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Bauma Light
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Excellent Visibility from the operators seat.


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Swing Arm

Dual swing cylinders for smoother, more controlled swing speed operation.

QC Generators outlets Hose Shield

Double shielded hoses for extra protection.

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Baumalight now offers a more direct and simple way of connecting to your skid steer's auxiliary electrical connection. Simply connect the hydraulics and plug in the electrical. Now you can control the attachment from inside your cab.

QC Generators outlets Bent Axis Piston Motor

Our industry leading bent axis piston motors make the most efficient use of your hydraulic flow and pressure for your stump grinding needs.

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The massive 1.25" thick steel rotor provides the back bone for the Holt Eraser stump grinder. It's the anchor of the carbide teeth.

QC Generators outlets Blast Shield

Designed with an extra-large Blast shield with dual rows of chain curtains to contain and control chips during grinding. After grinding it also helps clean up giving you the ability to back fill without switching attachments.

QC Generators outlets WEARSHARP® TEETH

By Green Manufacturing, Inc.

The unique design of the Wearsharp® allows the tooth to retain a sharp cutting surface, unlike traditional teeth that tend to round over. This provides a consistent cut throughout the life of the tooth, allowing you to maintain a faster sweep speed. This round tooth is 3 teeth in 1. Simply loosen the lock nut and rotate the tooth to a fresh, sharp cutting edge. This can be done three times, extending the life of each tooth.


Model No. S40
Recommended HP Size 50-120
Maximum Carrier Size Check GPM & PSI
Motor Type Bent Axis Piston
Hydraulic GPM Check Stump Cutting Size Chart
Rotor Size 24"
Number of Teeth 20
Tooth Construction Wearsharp®
Cutting Wheel Speed Depends on GPM
Cutting Height - Above Ground No limit
Cutting Depth - Below Ground 24"
Maximum Cutting Depth - Per Pass 1"
Maximum Horizontal Cut 22"
Swing Arc 85°
Hub Torque -
Over Torque Protection Remote
Hitch Quick Attach
No. of Remotes Required - Hydraulic 1
Requires 12 Volt DC Yes
Unit Weight (Shipping) Lbs. 1,200