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Kubota BV4500 Series

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The BV4500 Series Kubota round baler is packed full of premium productivity with large bale diameters and pickup capacity. It precisely crafts softer cores with stronger exteriors for better weathering. Model is compatible with all brands of nets and twine and features a direct injection system for a sure start every time.

PowerBind Net Wrap

All Kubota Round Balers come with the newly patented PowerBind net wrap system. This completely redesigned technology has allowed Kubota to get away from the old feed rollers and eliminate many high wear items. The net is fed directly into the bale chamber by an injection feed arm. This design keeps the net tight at all times, which provides accurate and extremely reliable net injection. In addition, there is absolutely no interference from external factors such as wind and crop.  The Kubota Netwrap offers a Zebra System™ left-right indicator for easy and correct loading of the roll into the baler every time. Plus, at feeding time, user can quickly see which direction to unroll the bale.  Our Red End Warning indicates to the operator that the end of the roll is approaching. The red stripe marks the last 240 ft (approximately 7 bales).  We also provide guaranteed length on every roll not a “plus-or-minus”average.

Fork Feeder

Kubota's BV4000 Series models are fitted with an efficient fork feeder intake system. This system provides a direct feed into the bale chamber. The wide opening allows almost unrestricted intake capacity, for a fast and efficient baling process. In conjunction with a wind guard, the fork feeder ensures a consistent crop even when in delicate crops such as bermuda and alfalfa. Models come with a 67"-79" pick-up.

Twine Tying

Automatic twin tying with the fast acting double tube system means simultaneous binding of both edges of the bale, keeping binding time to a minimum. Over crossing of twines in the center of the bale provides no loose ends at the end of the binding cycle.


BV4500 Series
Sale Type
540 rpm
Bale Size
60"x 68"
Horsepower Requirement


Horsepower requirement

Bale size



70+ HP 60"x 68" 540 rpm


70+ HP 60"x 68" 540 rpm


Baling Chamber
High Capacity Pick-Up